Wilson Pickett

Wilson Pickett
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Nacimiento18 de marzo de 1941
ciudad de Prattville,
estado de Alabama,
Estados Unidos Bandera de los Estados Unidos de América
Fallecimiento29 de enero de 2006 (64 años) 
ciudad de Detroit,
estado de Míchigan,
Estados Unidos Bandera de los Estados Unidos de América
Otros nombresThe Wicked Wilson Pickett
OcupaciónCantante, compositor
HijosMichael Wilson Pickett

Wicked Pickett (Alabama, 18 de marzo de 1941 - Detroit, 29 de enero de 2006) fue un cantante afroestadounidense de soul y rhythm and blues.

Síntesis biográfica

En Detroit se unió al grupo musical Falcons, con quienes interpretó su famoso éxito de 1962 I found a love.

También conocido como «Wicked Pickett» (‘El malvado Pickett’, en inglés), en 1965 firmó un contrató en solitario con la compañía Atlantic Records, con los que grabó su éxito In the midnight hour y que escribió junto a Steve Cooper.

Se convirtió en una de las más grandes estrellas del mundo del soul, del típico soul de Menphis de los años sesenta. Temas como In the midnight hour, Land of 1000 dances, Mustang Sally, y Funky Broadway le hicieron llegar a lo más alto en las listas de éxitos de rhythm & blues.

Fue una importante influencia para los Rolling Stones.

Wilson Pickett falleció el 19 de enero de 2006 de un ataque al corazón a los 64 años.


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  • Live And Burnin' - Stockholm '69 (2009, Soulsville).
  • Live in Germany 1968 (2009, Crypt Records 2009).
  • Funky midnight mover: The Atlantic Studio Recordings (1962-1978) (2010, Rhino).

Sencillos discográficos

Fecha Título
1962 "If you need me" / "Baby, call on me"
1963 "It's too late" / "I'm gonna love you"
"I'm down to my last heartbreak" / "I can't stop"
"My heart belongs to you" (re-lanzado en 1965).
1964 "I'm gonna cry" / "For better or worse"
"Come home baby" / "Take a little love"
1965 "In the midnight hour" / "I'm not tired"
"Don't fight it" / "It's all over"
1966 "634-5789 (Soulsville, U.S.A.)" / "That's a man's way"
"Ninety nine and a half (Won't do)" / "Danger Zone"
"Land of a thousand dances" / You're so fine"
"Mustang Sally" / "Three time loser"
1967 "Everybody needs somebody to love" / "Nothing you can do"
"I found a love - Pt. 1" / "I found love - Part II"
"You can't stand alone" (A-Side).
? "Soul dance number three" (B-Side).
"Funky broadway" / "I'm sorry about that"
"I'm in love" (A-Side).
? "Stag-O-Lee" (B-Side).
1968 "Jealous love" (A-Side).
? "I've come a long way" (B-Side).
"She's looking good" / "We've got to have love"
"I'm a midnight mover" / "Deborah"
"I found a true love" / "For better or worse"
"A man and a half" / "People make the World (What it is)"
"Hey Jude" / "Search your heart"
1969 "Mini-skirt Minnie" / "Back in your arms"
"Born to be wild" / "Toe hold"
"Hey Joe" / "Night owl"
"You keep me hangin' on" / "You keep me hangin' on"
1970 "Sugar, sugar" (A-Side).
? "Cole, cooke, and redding" (B-Side).
"She said yes" / "It's still good"
"Engine No.9" / "International playboy"
1971 "Don't let the green grass fool you" / "Ain't no doubt about it"
Don't knock my love - Pt. 1" / "Don't knock my love - Pt. II"
"Call my name, I'll be there" / "Woman, let me be down home"
"Fire and water" / "Pledging my love"
1972 "Funk Factory" / "One step away"
"Mama told me not to come" / "Covering the same old ground"
1973 "Mr. Magic Man" / "I sho' love you"
"Take a closer look at the woman you're with" / "Two woman and a wife"
"International playboy" / "Come right here"
1974 "Soft soul Boogie Woogie" / "Take that pollution out your throat"
"Take your pleasure where you find it" / "What good is a lie"
"I was too nice" / "Isn't that so"
1975 "The best part of a man" / "How will I ever know"
1976 "Love will keep us together" / "It's gonna be good"
1977 "Love dagger" / "Time to let the sun shine on me"
1978 "Who turned you on" / "Dance you down"
"Groovin'" / "Time to let the sun shine on me"
1979 "I want you" / "Love of my life"
1980 "Live with me" / "Granny"
1981 "Ain't gonna give you no more" / "Don't underestimate the power of love"
"Back on the right track"
1987 "Don't turn away" / "Same"
"In the midnight hour" (re-grabado) / "634, 5789 (Soulsville U.S.A.)"
1988 "Love never let me down"